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   Participants' reactions to   "A record of sorts"
Polipoetry 2001 Maastricht
Participants' reactions to "A record of sorts"

Fernando Aguiar ←
......an EXTRAORDINARY WORK!!!The audio-cd and the book are beautifful pieces, very creatives, with a excellent concept and a magnific design !!!......a unique and a precious work, with all the poems and images. Congratulations!!!!!!

Jaap Blonk
......it looks great, surpasses all my expectations by miles & miles!!!

Dmitry Bulatov
......I was deeply impressed and much surprised by the volume and quality of youredition! How much labour and attention have been devoted to the work by you.How many details and historical nuances do I find in this amazing book. Howsubtle and smart is the design. I can assure you that it's very difficult tomake a book of such quality in Russia. I will transmit this exemplar to thecenter's archive with much pleasure and delight. Thank you once again. Istill recollect the good days spent in Maastricht.With love from Russia, Dmitry

Patrick-Henri Burgaud
......I just got today the marvellous release of Polypoetry. Fantasctic I am very happy with it what a work !

Jesse Glass
......Wow! A Beauty of A Book! I Love IT! ......anincredible production and a labor (obviously) of Love......paged through the sonofagun and couldn't believe it.

Charles Krutzen
......Thank you!!!!!!! You did an incredible job!Just received the book and cd's. Beautifullllllll.An immense document for all who like polipoetryand art.