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Polypoetry 2006 Reykjavik
The Word Music Polypoetry Festival 2006 - Reykjavík Art Museum Harbour House
Magnús  Pálsson 
Ólafur  Engilbertsson 
   p o l y p o e t r y
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Thanks to Magnús Pálsson and Ólafur  Engilbertsson, Polypoetry was introduced to Iceland on the 20th May 2006 in the context of the prestigious REYKJAVIK  ARTS  FESTIVAL. A splendid time was had by one and all, at a two day event produced by Bad Taste Ltd. (Smekkleysa SM) in Reykjavik Art Museum's Harbour House.

"The Word Music Polypoetry Festival celebrates the potential of the human voice to create art on the borders of poetry and music, video and performance. Sound poets and polypoets have organized such festivals all over the world but never before in Iceland. The Italian polypoet Enzo Minarelli is a special consultant for this festival which will provide an opportunity for an encounter between different aspects of creative work in poetry, music, video and performance - peripheral fields of the arts which have not received the attention they merit in concerts or CD marketing. Smekkleysa SM (Bad Taste Ltd) organized the first Word Music festi-
val in 2000, which featured an encounter between words and music on the stage
of the Icelandic Opera. Now the project is being developed further by inviting inter-
nationally recognized polypoets to meet Icelandic artists working in diverse fields of the arts re-lated to words, music, video and performance."
                                                                                         Ólafur Engilbertsson.

C L I C K H E R E f o r  S N A P S H O T S
taken by Tom Winter with a Canon Power Shot A75.