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  edition nr. 1 - READINGS
  edition nr. 2 - SOUND of an UNSOUND MIND
  edition nr. 3 - MINDSOUND
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  edition nr. 5 - SOME SMALL DEATHS
  edition nr. 6 - ENVIRONMENTS
  edition nr. 7 - TOMORROW
  edition nr. 8 - MEET Lt. MURNAU
  edition nr. 9 - SCRATCH SYMPHONY
  edition nr. 10 - OVERARM DELIVERY
JESSE GLASS jr.  "A poet in the traditional style whose worksshow rare ability in the capture of combined visional, emotional and moral elements. Glass was born in Maryland and isnow an undergraduate of the University of Minnesota wherehe teaches creative language. On this VEC edition side oneis a selection of Glass reading his poems and side two is hisplay CLOSED CASKET performed by the VEC for this edition."