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· TOMORROW - Piotr Rypson (Vittore Baroni)
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  edition nr. 1 - READINGS
  edition nr. 2 - SOUND of an UNSOUND MIND
  edition nr. 3 - MINDSOUND
  edition nr. 4 - POEMS and PLAY
  edition nr. 5 - SOME SMALL DEATHS
  edition nr. 6 - ENVIRONMENTS
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  edition nr. 8 - MEET LT. MURNAU
  edition nr. 9 - SCRATCH SYMPHONY
  edition nr. 10 - OVERARM DELIVERY
POLISH and ITALIAN FUTURIST POETRY 1913 - 1933. "Previously unrecorded Polish Futurist poetry selected and read by Pjotr Rypson, a poet and archaeologist living in Warsaw. The Polish side of the edition contains works by Czyzewski-Jasienski-Mlodozeniec-Stern and Wat. The second side of this 40 minute programme is of the Italian Futurists selected and read by Vittore Baroni (see edition 8), poems by Marinetti- Boccioni- Palazzechi-Govoni-Depero-Cangiullo-Morpugo-Escodame-Farfa."