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· MEET LT. MURNAU - Vittore Baroni
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  edition nr. 1 - READINGS
  edition nr. 2 - SOUND of an UNSOUND MIND
  edition nr. 3 - MINDSOUND
  edition nr. 4 - POEMS and PLAY
  edition nr. 5 - SOME SMALL DEATHS
  edition nr. 6 - ENVIRONMENTS
  edition nr. 7 - TOMORROW
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  edition nr. 9 - SCRATCH SYMPHONY
  edition nr. 10 - OVERARM DELIVERY
VITTORE BARONI  "V.B. lives in Forte dei Marmi, a sea-side resort in N.W. Italy. This project from undoubtedly one of the most prolific artists in Europe, is the audio element of a broader disciplined work involved with the creation of ' new ' myths from already existing myths." 60:00