V E C collaborators include Tom Winter / vec TWo (DE); E.P.M.A. Summers / vec (NL); Vittore Baroni / vec Italia (IT); Paul Carter / vec UK (GB); Pjotr Rypson / vec Spy (PL); Hans-Rudi Fricker / vec Helvetia (CH); EverArts / vec Birds (NL); Jenne van Eeghen / vec New York (USA); Emilio Morandi / vec Peak Freak (IT); Manfred Leitner / vec Bavarian (DE); Henryk Gajewski / vec Poland (PL); Helgi Frithjonsson / vec Viking (IS); Thór Elis Pálsson / vec Iceland (IS); John Hopkins / vec nomad

There are a few VEC agents who have died on duty (2) and also a few who are incognito (2) and shall remain so until they decide otherwise, there are even one or two who either retired or requested withdrawal from service. There are agents awaiting authorisation, the initiation ceremony is particularly harrowing, they must listen to a Readers Digest 'Songs of Hope' CD all the way through without whimpering and without pause.